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What flowers and flowering trees can I plant that will thrive in full afternoon sun?

We have absolutely No shade in the front of our house (we face the west) and we are in west Texas.

We get 10-15 mph hot southwest wind also.

We DON`t want cacti.

We DO however want something a little different than everyone else has i.e. Morning glories, wildflowers, honeysuckles, etc.



What flowers and flowering trees can I plant that will thrive in full afternoon sun?
One of my favorite flowers for full sun is the zinnia. They are hardy, bright and showy and very heat and wind resistent. They come in beautiful colors, too, and are great for cutting. Zinnias will grow very quickly from seed, so just scatter them lightly and evenly throughout the soil and keep it moist until the seedlings emerge.

Verbena is also very tough and heat tolerant and needs virtually no maintenance. It comes in very bold, eye-catching colors.

Good flowering trees for full sun (and old Southern favorites) are redbuds, magnolias, wild plum and dogwood. In Texas, the Wild Olive tree and Blackhaw do well, too. Both are smaller trees.
Reply:Trees - Crab Apple


Any Tropical Flowering Tree (As long as you can water it )

Flowers - Roses



Most any flower that can withstand any hot dry climates. (And again as long as you can water it.)
Reply:Petunias - full sun

dianthus- full sun

portulaca-full sun

inpatients- full sun

wisteria, tree- full sun

lilac- full sun

clematis, vine -full sun

good luck... i live in Illinois.. and all of these i have in full sun


WHY are these plants so important?

why are Japanese Honeysuckles, Muliflora rose, and Buckhorns so im portant or can somebody come up with a reason why there just important!

WHY are these plants so important?
These plants are all nonnative species (alien or exotic are other terms for nonnative) in the United States. The problems associated with them are:

1. These plants spread easily, especially the Japanese honeysuckle.

2. They take the places of the the native species without providing the same sorts of resources to the other living things in the ecosystem.

What are your five most favorite things?

And dont be gross.

Mine are:

Walking on the beach in the evening




Really spicy chili

What are your five most favorite things?
1. Snowboarding

2. Photography

3. Art

4. Nature/outdoors

5. Traveling
Reply:#1 Yahoo Answers=P%26amp;S

#2 AFI

#3 God

#4 Food

# My crush!





Reply:1) my girlfriend

2) my girlfriend

3) my girlfriend

4) my girlfriend

5) my girlfriend




my wife




my g/f
Reply:Driving around

Watching a movie

Jogging or walking in the park

Eating out with my family or friends

Being here on P%26amp;S
Reply:Being close to family


Writing plays

Listening to good music

Traveling someplace fun

If you combine any of those with pizza or chocolate they get even better LOL.




and dogs

in that order
Reply:Yahoo Answers




Reply:1. my son

2. my husband

3. kitties

4. christmas trees and lights

5. coffee from 7/11
Reply:Spending time with my husband




My Cat





Five Senses Survey?

What is your favorite...






AND... Which of your five senses would you give up?


Sight - Looking into my boyfriends eyes.

Smell - Honeysuckles.

Sound - A human's heartbeat.

Feel - Breeze on a hot day.

Taste - Pine-Apple juice

Aanndd... I would give up taste. Yeah I would miss it but hey, I'm waay too picky on the food I eat. I'd never go hungry without taste I guess! :)

Anndd... I would give up

Five Senses Survey?
Sight- my son

Smell- peri ellis 360 and cucumber melon

Sound- my son snoring

Feel- my son's cuddle hugs

Taste- Kiwi

I'd give up taste, everything else means way more to me.
Reply:Sight - the sight of my boyfriend singing his heart out up on stage becuase he knows im in the crowd

Smell - bf's cologne mized with the scent of his cigarette smoke....mmmm

Sound - the piano (particuaraly when my bf is playing)

Feel - my running shoes after a particuraly stressful day

Taste - oranges

I'd give up scent, no, taste, no, i dont know i can't choose
Reply:Sight: Looking into David Archuleta's adorable eyes :)

Smell: Lavender

Sound: Birds chirping

Feel: Softness (soft hair on my cat, fluffy pillows, etc.)

Taste: Pizza!!

I would give up feel. Then I could touch all kinds of painful stuff and it wouldn't bother me hehe..
Reply:Sight: hot guys =]

Smell: campfire

Sound: the ocean waves crashing

Feel: when i'm really cold, getting under a blanket by the fire

Taste: cranberry juice and sprite mixed

i would give up taste too. i'm really picky and i never really eat much anyways
Reply:Sight - Flowers/Nature

Smell - Fresh laundry or Apple/Cinnamon Scent

Sound - Birds singing

Feel - Cool water on a hot day

Taste - Raspberries or Mango

Sound (I already can not hear birds without my hearing aids on :))
Reply:Sight: Reading

Hearing: Listening to my children

Smell: I love smells

Touch: The feel of everything

Taste: Yummy
Reply:Sight- My family

Smell- Peppermint

Sound- Birds in the early morning

Feel- Another living creature ( I love dogs who cuddle ) =D

Taste- Mango
Reply:My sight is my favorite sense, and if I had to give one up it would be my smell.

Can any1 tell me what u think of my poem???


the flowers are all dead

the sun sobs softly over

the hearses of sweet honeysuckles

and dying poppies

as autumn's cancerous chortle

is gnawing the floal sanctum

painful silence echoes

sadness is at Man's very heart

remembrance of growth of perfume of love


I stand alone and weep

when the wind whispers something sweet in my ear


I smile again

Can any1 tell me what u think of my poem???
Let me say again: Lovely! Could you give me a pen name, to put under the poem, when I put it on paper? That would be great.

Very nice work--please! let's see much more of you here. Do be careful about your work being stolen, though.......

Take care.

*Edit: Thanks so much--I will put "Maryam" under the poem. I hope we all see much more of you here at Yahoo!Answers. Thanks for sharing.
Reply:Perfect sad poem good but depressing!
Reply:It's very sad. Man, I am starting to tear a bit and I never cry. I think it is beautiful.
Reply:Well, I'm really not that familiar with honeysuckles and dying poppies and all since I live in the Philippines but nonetheless I like it. Brooding and dark yet it has this sweetness to it especially in the last line. You start with the flowers being all dead and it seems to give off a really melancholic aura but in the end, you could smile again and that's really good. Keep it up.
Reply:good job
Reply:VERY descriptive! VERY dark with a great ending. This is a good one! I would change the last to "I stand alone and weep when the wind whispers something sweet in my ear, again... I smile" One change in wording and it wraps it up perfectly. Remember over use of the word AND in your future poems. Great Job!
Reply:Obviously you have a desire to write and create imagery. You don't seem to stay with any one inspiration and so you just push/compress images together without thinking about them and how they will be read and so some of what you group together is just ... inappropriate? Not working for me, anyway.

This can be fixed with focus.

Your focus.

Assuming you are fairly young (high school?), this is a lot better than most of the tripe we read on this site. I'm not crazy about what you've written but compared to most of the other stuff I've seen here from your age group you are leagues ahead of your erstwhile competition. (OK, that's not saying a lot...but still leagues ahead. Let's go with that.)

Give this one another shot.

Did you mean floal or floral? I'm hoping floral.
Reply:"I stand alone and weep

when the wind whispers something sweet in my ear


I smile again"

loved it
Reply:A wonderful piece in my opinion.

I can see some room for improvement but outside of that.....

Well done!
Reply:Ooooh, very nice! You capture a dark yet sweet aspect of Autumn's end and I loved it! Keep writing!

fruit baskets

A man was driving down the the road and came upon a farm. He pulls into the driveway and gets out carrying 2..

buckets. He walks up to porch where an old man is in his rocker.

"Good morning," says the young man.

"Howdy," says the old fella.

"I see you have milk weed growing behind the barn. Do mind if I get some milk?"

The old fella laughed, "You can't get milk from milk weeds. But, help yourself."

The young man walks into the field and comes back carrying 2 buckets of milk. The old fella thinks, "Well I'll be."

The man drives away, but comes back the next day. He approaches the old fella with 2 more buckets and says, "Well, I see you have some honeysuckles growing behind the house. Do you mind if I get some honey?"

The old man laughs, "You can't get honey from honeysuckles, but go help yourself.

The man comes back carrying 2 buckets of honey. The old man says, "Well, I'll be."

The man drives away and comes back the next day. He approaches the porch and asks, "I see you have some pussywillows..."

The old man cuts him off as he bolts from his chair, "Let me put my shoes on."

A man was driving down the the road and came upon a farm. He pulls into the driveway and gets out carrying 2..
lol. That a new fresh one. 10/10. This joke deserves some hugs and kisses. xoxoxox
Reply:Great one!
Reply:hehehehehe hewewwwww
Reply:haha omg i didnt get it out first but wow!! i literally laughed out loud. haha!!
Reply:lololol good one

ps thanx for the 2 pts
Reply:Very NIce

I like it too
Reply:LMAO :-)
Reply:good 'un 10/10.
Reply:lol thanks for the laugh
Reply:Hahahaha! Good one. :D
Reply:lol the old man wants his pus*sy
Reply:haha thats real funny i loved it

Garden disease help!?

Last year, my clematis suddenly died. I thought maybe I'd simply run through it with the lawnmover so didn't think again. Then a huge pink lavatera in the same place drooped and died. This year a nearly wisteria has not come into leaf and neitehr has a himalayan honeysuckle about 5 metres away. What is going on and how can I stop it?

Garden disease help!?

There could be several reasons why your plants are dying.

1. The soil could be missing some important nutrients

2. You could have some form of insect around the garden area, that keep infesting your plants.

3. You may have a fungus that are getting on your plant specimens.

Check any other plants in the area. Look underneath the leaves to see if there are signs of insects, (mites or aphids) or if there is a powdery substance. This could be a sign of a fungus. If you see anything like this and can't identify it, take a leaf off and bring it to a local nursery or garden center for them to identify.

Consider having your soil tested for the lack of certain nutrients. I hope this helps some. I will link you to the simple solutions section of my website. Browse through and see if you can find any other information that may be helpful to you. I will also link you to the site map, as this page has everything that is on the website. You may be able to find some additional information as well as tips and techniques. Good luck to you and have a great day!



Reply:It's honey fungus soil disease.It usually starts at some old tree stump and it threads it's way around other shrubs roots sucking out all it's nutrients.

The chemical that worked is now banned by the EU due to non bio-degrading in soil.

Nothing you can do except look up what plants are immune to the fungus and plant those.

If you want to persevere,than remove dead plant with all roots.Pour Amarillox over area 2/3 times.Then disenfectant a couple of times,then fresh bag of soil and replant.